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Who We Are

The Queer Surf Club is a space for LGBTQ+ surfers to be our fully authentic selves, in and out of the waves. 


Looking for a fellow queer surfer to surf with? An LGBTQ+ friendly school to begin? Or, recommendations for a spot to visit on your holiday? We’re a global community that is centered around creating more inclusive surfing.


Surfing level is irrelevant here, so whether you’re a pro, or yet to take your first lesson - if you’re drawn to the waves, you’re still a surfer.

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Our Commitments
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A community for LGBTQ+ surfers, to connect, meet and surf together

Resources to find LGBTQ+ friendly surf businesses, clubs & locations

Creating change in the surfing and in protecting our oceans

Our mssion
Our Mission

Is to create inclusive surfing to save our oceans. We want people of all different identities to have access to, enjoy and preserve our oceans. 


Surfing is notoriously exclusive as a sport; geographically, socially and economically. 

We know surf culture needs to change - and we’re here to shake it up.


 United, our presence is diversifying and changing the culture of surfing for good.


Our Values


Connected by our identities and our love of the ocean, we have a responsibility to look after each other and our planet


As surfers, it is our duty to keep the door open and help new individuals enjoy the waves, as we do


We have a voice and we’re not afraid to use it. We use our platform advocate for LGBTQ+ surfers, underrepresented communities and environmental issues

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