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Your Questions Answered 

Sorry about that. You can email us here.

Who is the QSC ran by?​

Hey It's Frazer, the founder of the QSC. You can read more about my journey in the about section. We're a one man band here at the QSC (yep, just me). 
I also have a full time job alongside this.

However, the Queer Surf Club is ran by the community it self - with contributors from across the globe.

What does QSC stand for?​

It stands for the Queer Surf Club
We're an online community. We host meet ups across the globe through our local clubs and champions.

Where is the QSC based?

When will the online community or map go live?

We're working behind the scenes to get this up and going as soon as we can.
We don't want to rush and get this wrong.
We're hoping to have everything finished by the end of January 2021.

How do I join the QSC?

You can join the Community, through the community tab.
Our community is created for LGBTQ+ folks and allies. If you do not identify as LGBTQ+ you can absolutely still join our community.
Our requirements is for allyship towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

Can anyone join the QSC?

Right now - we're finalizing our operations position. Thanks for your interest.

How do I donate to the QSC?

I have another question, but I can't see it here

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