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  • Made from 100% Organic cotton 

  • Gender Neutral

  • Carbon Neutral manufacturing

  • Digitally Printed in Cornwall, UK

  • If they didn’t know you were Queer/an Ally, they do now

QSC Signature Rainbow T-shirt

  • Composition & Care

    • Wash on low - 30c

    • Where possible, air dry

    • If in doubt, wear it thrice (if passing the sniff test)

    We’re proud that all our tshirts are sourced from our vendor Earth Positive

    Our Tshirts are GOT certified 100% organic cotton - and carbon neutral throughout the manufacturing process.

    Organic Cotton
    The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is based on both ecological and social criteria and certifies that the cotton is organically grown, without the use of genetically modified seeds or any harmful chemical products. Some benefits of organic cotton include:

    • 26% less soil erosion

    • 46% less impact on global warming

    • 70% less acidification of land and water

    • 91% less water consumption

    Read more about the benefits of organic cotton and GOT here

    Carbon Neutral

    Climate Neutral means Earth Positive’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced to pre-industrial levels through low-impact (low emission) organic agriculture and carbon neutral industrial manufacturing, achieved through substituting energy use from fossil fuel powered power stations

    with clean renewable energy from wind turbines and solar power.

    Learn more about Earth Positive’s carbon neutrality here

    People & Garment workers

    Both our hoodie & tshirt vendors are upheld to the highest workplace & social responsibility standards- and are apart of the non-profit, the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). They have a transparent supply chain that is regularly, and randomly audited by the FWF.

    All factories uphold the The Code of Conduct - a contract between the factory and FWF and incorporates the following eight labour standards:

    1) no use of child labour

    2) No use of forced labour

    3) Safe and healthy working conditions

    4) Legal labour contract

    5) Payment of a living wage

    6) Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining

    7) No discrimination against employees

    8) No excessive hours of work

    You can read Stanley & Stellas social responsibility here

    You can read Earth Positives social responsibility here

    You can read more about the non-profit Fair Wear Foundation here


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