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DEI Lead

About QSC:
The Queer Surf Club is a global community of LGBTQ+ surfers and allies. We're driven by our purpose of creating inclusive surfing to save our oceans. We know the more people we can get into the ocean, the more people that are passionate about saving them. We host meetups to bring people from across all different identities to the ocean and to teach people how to surf. Surfing level is irrelevant here, so whether you’re a pro, or yet to take your first lesson - if you’re drawn to the waves, you’re a surfer. In our next chapter of QSC, we will deepen the impact of our work - from our own, mobile surf school and instructors, to surf subsidy programs that reach more individuals who would benefit from it, to creative and disruptive activism that shakes up the surf industry to benefit underrepresented identities & our environment.

Roles of our trustees 
All of our trustees are volunteer roles, with both a collective and individual focus, depending on their role or scope.

Our Trustee Council exists too:

● Ensure QSC is carrying out its purposes for the community’s benefit
● Comply with the QSC governing document and the law
● Act in the communities best interests
● Manage the QSC resources responsibly
● Ensure QSC is accountable to its commitments & goals

The general role of a QSC trustee is to:

● Support QSC by carrying out their role responsibilities
● Ensure QSC is carrying out its purposes for the community’s benefit
● Comply with the QSC governing document
● Act in the communities best interests
● Manage the QSC resources responsibly, maintaining proper financial control and ensure
QSC applies it’s resources exclusively in accordance with its mission and objectives
● Act with reasonable care and skill
● Ensure QSC is accountable to its commitments & goals
● Be an ambassador and representative of QSC, trustees and the community
● Support operational management of QSC, and support outside of their given role
responsibilities as and if needed
● Manage any relevant volunteers, contracts and their experience, upholding a rewarding,
inclusive and enjoyable volunteer culture

● To ensure risk assessments for relevant aspects of QSC work are carried out

Trustee Expectations:

● Meet once a month with the entire team, and as needed with smaller, cross functional trustees
● Make decisions with QSC’s best interests in mind, and collectively when needed
● Work async & collaboratively outside of meetings over Slack, to ensure projects and
actions move at speed
● Trustees will be expected to undertake or coordinate activities related to their area of
responsibility between meetings. This will be a variable time commitment depending on the role, for example at least 3 hours a week for the Chair and Treasurer, and a
minimum of 6 hours a month for other roles (in addition to meeting related time outlined above). Time commitment may fluctuate on busy periods.
● Initial tenure of post is three years, which may be followed by additional terms upon
application. Co-option for one year initially may be considered in particular

DEI Lead

The DEI Lead develop strategies and tactics to ensure QSC is welcoming and accessible for all identifies, especially those from under-represented groups

Areas of focus: 

  • Lead on outreach & intake initiatives for the Surf Subsidy Program, ensuring the program and services are reflective of current and future or potential Surfers needs and are inclusive for Surfers from all backgrounds, especially under-represented groups

  • Collaborate with the QSC Trustees, QSC Teams to implement the DEI strategy and tactics throughout the organisation

  • Collaborate and consult on any QSC training material, ensuring DEI principles lives throughout

  • Connect QSC Trustees and Team to anti-racism and anti-transphobia training programs, including

  • Create and maintain the QSC Community Resource Group Programs

Essential Skills

  • Commitment to anti-racism, anti-transphobia, anti-ableism and social justice

  • Self motivated 

  • Resilient - fearless in taking risks, accepting setbacks and moving forward

  • Experience in being a DEI practitioner or supporting DEI work

  • Lived experience as self-identifying from an underrepresented community

Desirable Skills/Experience

  • Experience working within in non-profit (charitable or C.I.C) sector

  • Experiencing working within a cross functional team, especially navigating change and collaborative decision making

  • Experience working on organizational change or progression within DEI work

  • Experience working within the outdoor industry


Please complete the google doc form by clicking on the link below. 

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